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Our Malls
  • +WOO
  • Fortune City One
  • Ma On Shan Plaza
  • Metro Town
  • Fortune Metropolis
  • Laguna Plaza
  • Belvedere Square
  • Waldorf Avenue
  • Caribbean Square
  • Jubilee Square
  • Smartland
  • Tsing Yi Square
  • Centre de Laguna
  • Hampton Loft
  • Lido Avenue
  • Rhine Avenue
Our Malls
About our portfolio malls
Fortune Malls is a geographically diverse portfolio of 16 private housing estate retail properties in Hong Kong. +WOO, Fortune City One and Fortune Metropolis are our flagship malls. Fortune Malls are private housing estate retail properties catering to the day to day needs of the residents and households from these communities. We committed to making a positive difference there. Moreover, our diverse and intimate trade mix includes shopping, entertainment, dinning and lifestyle.

Fortune Metropolis
Hung Hom
Laguna Plaza
Lam Tin
Centre de Laguna
Lam Tin
Hampton Loft
New Territories East
Fortune City One
Ma On Shan Plaza
Ma On Shan
Metro Town
Tiu Keng Leng
Jubilee Square
Fo Tan, Shatin
New Territories West
Tin Shui Wai
Belvedere Square
Tsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan
Waldorf Avenue
Tuen Mun
Tsing Yi Square
Tsing Yi
Lido Avenue
Sham Tseng
Rhine Avenue
Sham Tseng
Lantau Island
Caribbean Square
Tung Chung